Rosefinch Tether Power Station in Drone Show Korea 2024

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Rosefinch Tether Power Station in Drone Show Korea 2024

On March 6, 2024, the theme drone exhibition "All about Drones, Caring for the world through boundless expansion" was held in South Korea. The aim of the exhibition is to gather drone experts from all over the world to learn and share the latest information on industry development and business forecasts. This exhibition has 883 booths from 229 companies in 10 countries, which is the largest drone exhibition in Asia.

Rosefinch’s local partner Intosky Inc. unveiled a lightweight tether station at the 2024 Drone Show Korea that can eliminate flight time limitations caused by batteries.

The disclosed Tether Power Station includes two types: DJI M300/M350 dedicated Tether Power Station, and M3 dedicated Tether Power Station. Mountain and forest halls that use industrial drones, as well as fire and police halls that use industrial drones and mission equipment at fire or rescue sites, will become the main targets.

The Tether Power Station is a device that connects the drone's battery to an external power source to extend flight time. It is lighter, more portable, and easier to install and use than traditional Tether Power Station.
In addition, Tether Station can protect the battery life of drones, ensure stable power supply, and maximize drone performance.

A person related to Intosky said, "The Tether Power Station unveiled this time is expected to receive great attention in the industrial drone market. In the future, various products are planned to be launched for the development of the drone industry." 

For Korean Cusomters, if you want to know more information and puchase, please feel free to contact our partner Intosky

Company name : INTOSKY Inc.
Address: NO 601~605, 155-11, ROBOT LAND-RO, SEO-GU, INCHEON, REPUBLIC OF KOREA (Zip Code: 22851)
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